Chris Brown awarded joint custody of daughter in major win

Chris Brown was awarded joint custody of his daughter, Royalty, on Sept. 11 after a judge shot down his baby mama’s request to give the singer only supervised visitation.

Nia Guzman and Chris began battling in court ever since she said she wanted to deny him custodial rights. A Houston judge, though, decided the parents will share their daughter 50/50 and she will go back and forth every four days.

Both parents live in Los Angeles, but Nia’s initial complaint was filed in Texas, where she lived at the time.

Chris also scored a victory in a financial sense. The rapper had been paying Nia $2,500 a month in child support, but she wanted $15,000. The judge ruled that Chris’ current payments were adequate and dismissed Nia’s request.

Really, it was a total victory for Chris, who was not physically in the courtroom, but was apparently in the courthouse.

The custody battle got nasty at points, especially on social media. Chris often took the high road. It got so bad, in fact, that he actually filed documents for a gag order to block Nia from badmouthing him to news media and on social media.

The judge sided with Chris on that one, too, and ordered Nia to stop speaking negatively about her baby daddy on social media.